Fuse runway walking with positive psychology and strut your way through sadness or grief.  Find confidence in yourself and be empowered to make choices that can change your life.

Welcome to Strut Talk Runway Therapy – a first of its kind program that combines the confidence building art of runway walking with deep interpersonal healing. 

Lolita Frazier suffered a tragic loss when her son was murdered.  Instead of letting it destroy her life she used her runway skills to build her confidence and eventually strut her way through the pain and sorrow of her loss.  Using her own unique and personal story, Lolita teaches others to stand tall and strut through life with confidence, courage and conviction.

Lolita’s used her program with numerous organizations and individuals.  She’s helped others heal from the loss of loved ones, cancer diagnosis and the devastating effects of traumatic experiences.  She’s taken to the streets to work with the homeless and partnered with non-profits supporting families of murdered children.  No hurt is too small.  No person is too young or too old.  If you are experiencing a heartache or feeling emotional pain or just need a boost of confidence in yourself, book Lolita today. 

When you book Strut Talk Runway Therapy Program you’ll receive :

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