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My son was murdered and I had to make a decision. Walk in constant pain and anger or heal my hurt. I chose healing and decided to strut through it.  Now, I teach people how to turn insecurity, mental pain, hurt, and anger into power by using the art of runway walking.

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Heal from the trials and challenges of daily life or an acute trauma with confidence, success, a strong self-esteem and triumph over emotional pain through Loco Strut Runway or Strut Talk Runway Therapy.

“We all have a story to tell and your walk is how you share it with the world. What does your strut say about you?”

-Lolita Frazier


Live a more confident life with expert coach, Lolita Frazier.  Men, women, and children from all walks of life will learn to take charge and make lifestyle changes in health and wellness, leadership and career, self-esteem, insecurity, and anxiety management and so much more.

Your virtual or in-person session will include a one-on-one session with Lolita.  A master communicator, Lolita helps identify the sources of your insecurity.  Using her runway experience she’ll help you find your strut to walk through those self-limiting beliefs.  

Book Lolita to define your strut through the runway of life.


As a survivor of her own trauma, experienced life coach Lolita Frazier will guide you through an emotional healing process for the pain, anger, sadness, and numbing mental anguish you feel. 

Emotional pain and trauma change us and can make it difficult to move forward and find happiness. Confront the hurt and pain and learn to forgive, accept, and strut through life stronger and happier. Say goodbye to hopelessness and the trauma that holds you hostage.     

Book Lolita to confront, accept, forgive and release the trauma and find a new strut for the new you.

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