Lolita's Story

I’m Lolita Frazier.  Ask me who I am or what I do and you’ll hear me say professional model, runway coach, pageant trainer, motivational speaker, life coach, and  confidence coach. Then in 2016 everything changed because my son was murdered.

He was my “sun”, my Laylo, my heart, my joy.  He was killed in an act of gun violence and it shattered my world.  I felt pain and so much anger. I lost hope and happiness.  I wanted to lash out and find justice. It crippled my ability to move on in my life. 

I realized that I was being held hostage by the trauma of my son’s death.  I had forgotten how to strut through life.  I had lost my ability to feel safe and in turn my confidence to be who I wanted to be.  

I used my skills and training as a runway model to turn my life around and Strut Talk emerged.  Now, in addition to runway coaching I specialize in self-confidence coaching for anyone who needs that extra push to get what they want out of life. I work with those who have suffered a trauma…any trauma…disabilities or illness, cancer, loss of a loved one, loss of a pet, personal injury or anxiety…if you are feeling emotional pain, I’m here to help you learn to strut through it and find joy on the other side.

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Loco Strut Runway

For the person who needs an infusion of positivity. Loco Strut Runway teaches you to find your strut despite doubts of self worth. Available in 15, 30 and 60 minute sessions. Unburden yourself from a rough month, relationship, job woes, or family issues. Build confidence, find your positivity, follow your dreams, believe in yourself. You’ll leave feeling motivated to use your talents because you believe in yourself.

Strut Talk Runway therapy

For the person who needs internal healing after a trauma to move forward with the life they deserve. Our conversations are safe, comfortable and confidential. Together we will learn to move through the traumatic experience, make positive changes, and find a life that you love. Available in 60 minute sessions.

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My greatest joy is making connections and helping them understand how to find joy and confidence.  Reach out and connect with me and we’ll strut THROUGH the pain of life’s challenges instead of walking IN them.  

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